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“Beegreen” offers a variety of new solutions for groundbreaking and sustainable urban vertical gardening, with a unique technology developed by us.

The technology enables architectural designs in a variety of sizes and shapes, thanks to the unique shape of the system, in the form of a hive for hanging on walls.

The green walls of “Beegreen” allow for a diverse and wide growth of various ornamental and edible plants and can be applied in any existing space.

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grooming and renewing

The “Beegreen” system allows the planting of diverse plants.

Periodic pruning of vegetation is easy to perform and can also be done using mechanical tools.


An individual treatment option for each planter depends on the entire area of the green wall.


Quick replacement of any hanging planter.


Green wall maintenance is simple and can be done by any gardener.

Irrigation and fertilization

Economical watering.

One dropper per hanging planter.

Irrigation system with remote controlled fertilization upon receipt of alerts.

Each hanging planter has a water reservoir adjacent to the planting substrate..


Each planter has an independent drainage system.

The water drain flows in gravity from the control cell to the cell below it.

Planting planters and infrastructure

Hanging planting planters are made of plastic plus UV.

All wall and planting systems are recyclable.

The planting planters have a large volume that allows optimal growth of a wide variety of plants.


The structure of the hanging planters allows for any design required by the customer..


The construction of the wall in the shape of a hive allows the absorption of sound waves and reduces the environmental noise.

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You do not have to be an expert gardener to bring nature into your home.

A DIY kit for building a green wall will allow you to incorporate a green wall in your home, yard or porch.

The kit consists a base bracket on which planters are assembled, where it is possible to connect several brackets and design the wall according to the desired size.

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